Springfields School Cibubur 2nd Day Trial of #PRINCEKendraNagarya

Jan 18

Springfields School Cibubur 2nd Day Trial of #PRINCEKendraNagarya

#PRINCEKendraNagarya 2nd Day Trial at Springfields School Cibubur

Wow, It’s my 2nd Day at the Springfields School. I hope i will enjoy this day better than yesterday.

Today, Mom, Pap n Mas Mid go to school with me..ehmmm yippieee…. Just like the 1st day, I still observe the school. Miss Marian the Head of School said to Mom, to let me whatever I do, cause a child like me want to know much about the new enviroment. I like to exploring anything, walking, running to the playground and etc. Miss Rosma and Miss Ebi give me time to explore anything I want.

Sometimes I join my new friends to the class but sometimes I run out from class, I feel bored with the class or I just fine something new. The day agenda for Nursery 1 (N1) class (it’s my class, I hope so), was just like opening ceremony in the class, fun sport to the fileds of School, Practice the Mandarin Dance and Song, Take A Break, Go to the Class for Make a skill by yourself & and then closing , preparation for going home.

On 10.30 O’clock I feel bored cause I’m very sleepy,  I used to take a break on that time, so I cried. I told to Mom to going to our Car and go home. But, I can stand for until the class finished with Mom Carrying me…After say good bye to Miss, Me and Mas Mid go to the car with Pap, Mom go to office school first to see the officer and Head of School. Mommy say Thank You for The 2 (two) days Trial and Hope I will join the class in this education year (2011) or the next education yeas (2012). And say good bye to the officer cause I already fall a sleep at the car, I was very tired. And I have to familiarized myself for going to school from 8 O’Clock until 11 O’Clock. I know I can do it Mom, but give me some time to familiarized it.

Thank You Mom, Pap and Mas Mid for accompany me today….

Love U mom, pap….:)




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