Springfields School Cibubur 1st day Trial of #PRINCEKendraNagarya

Jan 17

Springfields School Cibubur 1st day Trial of #PRINCEKendraNagarya

#PRINCEKendraNagarya 1st day Trial on the Springfields School Cibubur

Hai mommy friends,
today, Tuesday, 17 Januari 2012 is my 1st day of Trial in School. The School is Springfields which locate on Raffles, Cibubur, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Woooww, it’s my new experience, coz I don’t have any school before. Mommy always give some exercise at home, I’m studying with the books that mommy bought for me and sometimes she bring me to the playground to make a social activity with some friends of mine. Mommy said, I’m a smart boy of mom, ehhmm. . . Of course I’m mom, do you know me very well. Of course son, coz I’m your smart mom :) .

I always ask mommy to read the books of mine very loud everyday, either in the morning or noon just after mommy got home from work. I’m just a 2 years old child of mom, but she said I’m clever and smart, thank you mom (you’re welcome mz kEnt :) ).

When I arrive to school, I get in to the Nursery 1 class, with miss Rosma n miss Ebi. They are very helpfull. But I only a little kid, so I jump and run out from class to observe how do my school looks like. Miss Marian the head of school allow me to observe the Springfields School. She told to mom to allow me whatever I wanted to do, cos it’s a 1st Trial Day of me. Miss Rosma told to all my friends that I’m Kendra Nagarya is a new comer and want to join with them. I followed miss and my friends, but sometimes I was crying when l didn’t get what I want. . .:(. Mommy said, I shouldn’t be like that coz I’m a smart boy of mom, well thank you mom for your patient. . .:)

On 11 o’clock the class finish, I still have a little cry, mommy said it’s okey, tomorrow we’ll be back to have 2nd Day of Trial. I say good bye to miss and some of parents of my friends. . . Bye bye. . See u tomorrow
We stop by at the Cibubur Junction mall, mommy bought me a travel bag of AnggryBird and water bottle, I like it very much, thank you mom, I love you more more and more.



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