PRINCE Kendra Nagarya Goes to Office BSD

Dec 30

PRINCE Kendra Nagarya Goes to Office BSD

On Desember 30th 2011, was last day @office for Mom, before the up coming New Years 2012 on Januari 1st. So, It’s just like a holiday, everyone already take their holiday from christmas event till New Year. Mommy decided to take mz kEnt to office on that day, it’s his first time go to Mom’s Office in the new one. The last he went to Mom’s office when he was 4th months old, wow it’s very long long time ya. He’s 2 (two) years old now, how big Mom’s boy…:)

First time he arrive into Mom’s desk, he just woke up from a sleep, mz kEnt was calm, cool an quite :) And then he ask me to play Ipad that he bring from home. Until noon of the day he still cool with the Ipad and so he take his lunch on the pantry of Mom’s office. He take the lunch very fast, you’re my smart and clever boy so…..:)

After lunch we back to Mom’s desk, and it’s starting On for your time, you play around, joking, laughing with Mom’s friends (Om Jack, Om Indra, Tante Thia, Tante Fanny). The room was already crowded with your voice of laughing, you running around the room until you’re tired and can not breathe…:), but you still run and run again. And so, Mommy will take you home, you walk around with Mom to shake your hand and say good bye to all Mommy friends…Before home, we stop by at the Teras Kota to play on the playground, you’re very happy. Until 4 O’clock then we go home, and it was rainy outside.

Along the way home, you just drink your milk, sometimes you laughing with mas Mid, you playing with your angry bird and you read the book you bring from home. That day was really fun for you and Mom, it’s Mommy quality time with you mz. Mommy love you much and more…:)







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