PRINCE Kendra Nagarya 2nd Photo Session

Jan 01

PRINCE Kendra Nagarya 2nd Photo Session

Hai Mommy’s friends….:)

It’s my 2nd (second), #PRINCEKEndraNagarya Photo Session, of course I did it and I can do it, Thank You Mom…. Mommy said, my first Foto Session was begin when I was 4th Months Old, wooowww, How do I look Mom…Mommy’s Son is always handsome and smart, of course I am.

In this 2nd Foto Session, we do it in Pap’s of friends, Om Fajar, name of Pap’s friends where locate on Bintaro. Mom and Pap with mas Mid take me to that home to take a photo session. And the session begin after lunch, coz I have to take a lunch first to make me focus (Mom said). I wear 3 (three) costume for Foto, first,  Football costume,secondPirate Costume and the thirdFishing costume (just like Pap’s hobby).

This photos will be used for Foto Poster of Me, and it will be used for sample of photo studio’s Om Fajar and Fam. Sukses ya Om untuk Studio barunya nanti di awal tahun 2012. Mom will help you with full of her heart and all of her ability…:)

See some of the photo’s of Me, #PRINCEKendraNagarya, thank you buat Om Photographer.







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